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Distant education

Distant Education at Vladimir Institute of Business is a possibility of learning from home or work. Distant learning provides interaction between Faculty member and the student via Internet.

At present VIB fulfils all kinds of academic process distantly (extra – mural form), including taking exams and credits.

Already now you can take trial on-line testing in social science, Russian and mathematics.

Distant learning is actual if you:

  • combine work and study;
  • want to upgrade your professional competency;
  • territorially are far from the institute;
  • are trained simultaneously at several schools in parallel in various educational programmes;
  • want to get applied education in field of management and economics.

Distant learning is comfortable for people physically disabled to use traditional forms of education.

The advantages of distant education are:

  • practically unlimited presentation of academic process via Internet;
  • control of knowledge system and statistics of training available;
  • the possibility of interaction with the staff (Forum, Chat);
  • element of multimedia resources available;
  • possibility of refreshing training materials.

ANO HPE “Vladimir Institute of Business”

Announces admission for extra-mural training applying distant educational technologies for 2010/2011 academic year.
The tuition is charged. The graduate is awarded with a diploma of higher education of the state sample.
The term of handing in the documents for distant training - October 4.


ANO HPE “Vladimir Institute of Business”
Department of Distant Education
Tel: 8(4922)32-22-69, add. 100
Mob.: 8-910-099-70-84
E-mail: dist@vib.vladimir.ru