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About institute

Greetings of the Rector

“Modern education cannot be effective if it is not referenced to practical application and is apart from the changes on the markets, both national and international. Today’s specialist is supposed to work and make a success in terms of market development and be prepared to any types of risks.

That is why, our task is to develop the leading qualities and the ability to make management decisions. Following the idea of continuous education and introducing innovating approach into academic process we shape harmonious and creative personal qualities and train highly qualified specialists challenging to compete and play a leading role in present economic conditions”.



Founders: Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), Moscow Academy of Finance and Industry.


  • Since 1991 has started the educational activities;
  • In 2007 celebrated 10 years;
  • On June 20, 2009 ANO HPE “VIB” was honored by a high government award “Golden medal “European quality” in the nomination “100 best higher schools in Russia


  • Training specialists according to the most contemporary educational programmes applying an up–to–date facilities complex and actual teaching methods;
  • Intense interaction with regional business to introduce innovative managing and financial technologies;
  • Integration of the students and the staff into the world scientific and professional community.

Vladimir Institute of Business (VIB) was founded in 1997 when  Russian business was given a start. Since then enormous work has been done in the field of training specialists against quickly changing market conditions, VIB firmly confirmed in higher school community along with state universities and academies not only in the Vladimir region, but in Russian Federation as well: ANO HPE «Vladimir Institute of Business” got in the list of 100 best higher schools.

At present the institute is coming onto a new stage of its development. The most important strategic task of the institute in the period integration of Russia into all European Community is to provide efficient scientific training activities necessary to train specialists required for both internal and external labour market.